Top 10 Excel Skills for Business Professionals

By Professor Justin Ren

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Skill #1:  Use Ctrl (Cmd) + Arrow key to quickly navigate in a large data set

Skill #2: Find data quickly using VLOOKUP

Skill #3: Find numbers quickly using INDEX and MATCH

Skill #4: Select numbers that meet certain conditions using COUNTIF and SUMIF

Skill #5: Multiply and sum up numbers with SUMPRODUCT

Skill #6: Work with Texts

Skill #7: Identify top and bottom performers with PERCENTILE and QUARTILE

Skill #8: Slice and dice data with PivotTable

Skill #9: Absolute and relative referencing with "$"

Skill #10: Perform sensitivity analysis with DataTable

Bonus: Net Present Value (NPV) the most used financial function


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