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Professor Ren Speaking at Harvard Business School (May 2013)

Speaking at Harvard Business School in May 2013. I presented a study which used Excel PivotTable (Photo Credit: Professor David Robb)


Hi, I'm Justin.  My goal is to help you learn how to use Excel to gain market intelligence and make better business decisions.  Using real-world business cases I show you step-by-step how to build models, process data and perform analyses.  Find more about me here.

Business Analytics with Excel

Learn how to use Excel to gain competitive advantage, business intelligence and success.

Analytics Focused

Different from many other Excel tutorials on the market, this course focuses on improving your business analytics skills. Examples are selected to help you make sound business decisions.

Real Data, Real Cases

Real data and cases from finance, marketing, economics are discussed in the course. These real examples help you connect statistics and mathematics knowledge to real problems faced by businesses.

Learning with Videos

A key feature of the course is the use of multimedia. Not only you can download the data for practice, have the step-by-step explanations in writing, but also have access to the video walking you through the key functions and problem-solving.

Instant Access Anytime Anywhere

Dreamed of having all your course materials in one place? This online course will allow you to access all course materials from your computers, mobile devices anywhere, anytime!