I just watched a video produced by Cambridge University called “The Climate Crisis: Towards Zero Carbon”:

By Cambridge University: The Climate Crisis: Towards Zero Carbon

Well done, Cambridge!

The video first shows that data on historical CO2 levels and temperature makes it irrefutable that the current climate crisis is created by us humans.

The video then highlights a few important areas for decarbonization:

  • Energy generation
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Buildings

Indeed, if you look at where energy goes to in the US, one will reach a similar conclusion:

Source: www.eia.gov.

In order to achieve carbon-zero goals in those areas, we need a social eco-system that support those goals, such as:

  • Government policies that encourage renewable energy generation and consumption
  • Financing and investing in carbon-reducing technologies and organizations
  • Equity issues between nations and within society

On an individual level, we also need to do some part:

  • Consume less energy
  • Use more plant-based food, and less dairy and animal products
  • Recycle and reuse more
  • Travel less(?)

Indeed, as one professor in the video said in the end, “it is something… we cannot fail.”